Where I'm at.

I was writing some letters this morning and wanted to share a few "clips"...

"I keep thinking somehow it's going to get better. Now I realized it may not in the "middle" BUT we know the end. And in the end we win and things are more than just how they should be. Instead they are better than we ever could have imagined."

"Am I thankful that Samuel has cancer? NO! But I am thankful that God is here with me in the midst. That He comforts me and holds me and sustains me... He is slowly changing me, chipping away at me all that is false and wrong, revealing underneath the true me that is made in His image."

It's always amazing to me how when I start to write letters I am surprised to find what's in my heart. I really communicate best when writing. When I write I know myself more.


Caren said…
i love to read what you write. any time.
Isabella Hodge said…
thank you for your honestly, friend! one of the things I love about you. your faith and perseverance are amazing. can i be like you when i grow up??!! love you.

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