Team Samuel/Team Napier...

The kids are at school... well, they're on their way to school. The washer and dryer are humming with their second loads of laundry. Peter's in a diaper playing on the bed. And me? I just finished the most delicious whole-wheat scones. (Thank you Jessica!) I don't understand how they could be "healthy" and taste THAT good! :)

I got less than 4 hours of sleep last night. I'm trying to put my mind on auto pilot because I'm clearly not thinking too clearly. Um, wow, case in point. I bought t-shirts to embellish for Samuel's Benefit on Saturday. I want people to know who Samuel is and his family. His shirt will say, "Hi, I'm Samuel" and his siblings will say "Hi, I'm Libby (Samuel's sister)" etc. What I'm trying to figure out is what I write on the back "Team Napier" or "Team Samuel"? This Benefit is for Samuel but I know the rest of us are his support team and we're a family.... so maybe I'll go with Team Napier....

What do you think?

Oh and even Peter will be attired as well... but in a onesie. I will have to show you pics because it should be pretty stinkin' cute.


Sarah said…
Hey there lovely Jennifer Leigh

Yeah, I know, long time, no comment. Tend to be nursing Abigail while catching up with blogs and never have two hands to do typing - lazy friend but have been keeping up, just silently!

Go with Team Napier. That is how I always think of you guys!

And please post the pics because it WILL be VERY stinkin' cute and I will be visiting back to see them.

Wish we could come support you guys in person at the benefit but thinking the money we would use towards airfare could be better used towards benefit, so we'll get involved from a distance instead, but be thinking of you all on the day...

Miss you sweet girl,

Sarah xxx

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