Buttered Bed & other stories of my life

Mike went on a trip a week ago. I was thankful that he got the opportunity to spend time with a very dear friend. He had some time to decompress, download and get some refreshment. My job was to hold down the fort.

The night before he left I got some weird, strange tummy bug (something I ate?) and proceeded to be sick through the middle of the night. It wasn't a great way to start his absence. Getting kids to school and picking them up. Sleep-overs. Medical appointments. Errands. Library book sale. Church.

I got these weird urges at night to organize and clean.... closets... pantry, etc. I tried to get to sleep "early" most nights so I can manage the kids "well-rested". My nights were restless and I found myself tossing and turning.

By Sunday I was getting a little desperate and crazy. The dog had puked all over my bed, peed on Samuel's bed and pulled apart a favorite toy. The boys were eating gum and candy for breakfast. Libby was so sweet to prepare English muffins... She had everything arranged neatly on a tray. She had the plate with english muffins and the butter dish and a butter knife. I was impressed. We each shared a yummy cinnamon raisin english muffin. I had Peter on the bed with me and the dog trying to jump on the bed when Michael asked me to change his diaper. Okay, no problem...  I left Peter on the bed, I wasn't thinking, (clearly!) and took Michael to his room and changed him and got him dressed for church. I then got Ian dressed for church. And then it hit me. Oh NO!!! I left Peter on the bed... Sleep deprivation makes you do weird things...

I walked into the room to the crashing sound of the breakfast tray being shoved off the bed. There was Peter.... Butter dish in hand... eating butter and spreading it all over my freshly washed sheets and pillows. I had a buttered bed. It was pretty evenly distributed... I will give him that. His hands and arms were nice and greased up. His cheeks were slathered in yellow butter. His smile was bigger than life. Oh my.

Peter also found a partner for his bathroom adventures. He and Penny take turns exploring the toilet. Peter splashes his hands in the bowl and Penny drinks from it. Toilet paper and paper towels are investigated and strewn throughout.

Fruit snack wrappers litter the floor in the boys room. The sheets I had washed the day before... must be rewashed... again.

I  did manage to get a break. Thank you Mom and Dad N. for watching the boys! Libby had an overnight with a buddy. Thank you John for the life-saving pizza.  Thank you for those who helped me at church as I was starting to slip from sanity's grasp.

Mike's back home. sigh of relief. The kids are sick now. Fevers. Cough/colds, ashtma/allergies... I'm so thankful Mike's here to help me!


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