A typical day.

I just posted about how I'm doing with giving up sugar on my other blog Fearfully & Wonderfully Made.

These past couple of weeks have been interesting. Sick kids with stomach bugs. Fresh coughs and colds. Mike working at night. Mike working in the day. Mike working at night.

We are so thankful for work. It's not necessarily a permanent situation right now but we are trusting God in His provision. He continues to be faithful. I shouldn't be surprised but I find myself regularly marveling at how God meets our needs. We do NOT lack.

The kids are growing. Stumbling. Tripping. Falling. Eating. Playing. Running. Chasing. Throwing. Kicking. Hitting. Loving. Forgiving.

My days are very full. And very long. A lot of mornings begin at 5:30. Sometimes earlier. Sometimes later. Libby, Samuel, and Michael get ready for school and we have lunches packed and backpacks ready. We get in the car to drive to the end of the driveway (it's a half a mile long) at 6:25.

And now I'm learning to compute time to take the dog out to go to the bathroom and get her breakfast ready. Penny's up and att'em when she hears the kids in the morning which is super unfortunate because she also does this on the week-ends.

And then there's Ian. He doesn't understand that he can sleep until after 7. Often he's the first to get up. Aaagh. Just sleep kid! :) He doesn't appreciate sleep the way he should. He's up and hungry and wants to watch a movie or play something. Thankfully he's nowhere near as destructive as he used to be. I don't worry about when I send him downstairs. And the mess he might create is a lot more manageable.

Ian gets driven to school and arrives between 8:15-8:30. And Peter's a little tag-a-long. Thankfully he's easy to attend to. Change a diaper. Cup of milk and a banana can hold him off until "real breakfast" which usually consists of eating half a cupboard's worth of food.

I often find myself during the day going from one thing to the next. Alarm goes off. I roll out of my bed. Do my back stretches. Put on my slippers. Throw on a fleece jacket. Let the dog out. Feed the dog. Change diapers. Dress children. Fix breakfast for the kids. Pack lunches if I wasn't able to the night before. Start laundry. Help children put on shoes. Brush and fix hair. Give medicine. Put Michaels' glasses on him. Get coats on. Kids to the bus. Clean up breakfast. Empty dishwasher. Load dishwasher. Get Ian in his school uniform. Switch washed clothes to dryer. Start new load. Eat my breakfast. Get truly dressed for the day. Often by this time it's only 7:30 in the morning. Whew.

And that's how my days go. Lots of busyness. Lots of bumps and boo-boos. Lots of meals to make and clean up. Lots of laundry to wash and fold. Lots of spills and messes to clean up. Lots of clorox wipes. Lots of paper towels and sanitizer. Lots of dirty children to bathe. Lots of throw-up to clean up. Lots of arguments to work through. Lots of books to read. Lots of children to love.

Then there's the whole errands thing... groceries to buy, dr. appointments, penny to the vet, specialists, therapists, appointments, book studies, phone calls to make, letters to write, bills to pay. Throw in a little downtime. Coffee with a friend. Baking cookies with the kids. A date night with my husband. Caregroup meeting. A writer's meeting for a magazine I'm starting to write for.

My kids are NOT in any special activities, NO: soccer, swim teams, basketball, baseball, ballet, music, art lessons, etc. and yet I find myself unable to get to my computer most days. It's becoming a rare moment when I have time to spare. By the time I get to the end of the day I find myself stumbling into bed... often not even changing into pajamas.

I usually get a second wind and talk to Mike and download the day's events and swap stories, share concerns, talk about plans for the next day, watch something funny, read a little and fall asleep.

Sometimes when I start writing a post I have no idea where I'm going and where I will end up. This would be one of those posts. But I find that when I write then I know myself. It's often that in writing I realize what's really on my mind, what I'm thinking, feeling, processing, hoping and struggling with.

So thanks for listening. Maybe I should change my blog to ramblings by jennifer.


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