Today is my  brother Christopher's 27th Birthday. I was going to say he's an amazing kid... but he's not a kid. He's a man. And a great man, at that. I am so thankful I have the privilege to be his sister. I'm so thankful that I get to live in the same house with him, his beautiful wife and adorable daughter.

Christopher, I'm proud of you. You have persevered in the midst of a lot. I know life has been tough this past decade but you have grown into a man worthy of respect. I love you. I trust you. I think you're super cool. I'm proud of the way you've developed your business, Ballahack Airsoft.

I love your imagination and creativity and ingenuity. I wish I was as artistic as you. I love it when you sing and play guitar. I'm crazy about you!

Happy Birthday!
Christopher's the cool guy in the shades


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