MacGyver Mom

So, I had take Michael & Samuel to the doctor's early this a.m.  I thought it would be a bit of a wait but I thought we'd spend most of the time in the waiting room... where they happen to have a cool fish tank as well as movies playing.

But they quickly moved us to a private room... I guess the hacking cough freaked them out :)

So we waited close to an hour for the doctor. What's a Mom to do?

Turn into MacGyver Mom of course!
From Left to Right: Poor Kid, Dad, Mom, Daughter, Son, Grandma & Grandpa

What did I have with me?
                   A pen. A yellow highlighter. A tube of lipgloss.

What did a drawer in the room provide?
                    Tongue Depressor Sticks (glorified popsicle sticks), A cotton ball, Petroleum Jelly*

So I started off with creating a boy and a girl. "Blonde" was created with highlighter. Rosy cheeks gained through lip gloss. Black hair made with the pen.

Then Samuel thought the brother and sister should have a Mom and Dad. So I made them next. And then he wanted them to have grandparents.

And then he wanted to make a "poor kid". Don't know what that's all about.

He wanted to also make "Santa". I said no, why don't we use the Grandpa?

"Mom! The Grandpa doesn't have a beard. Santa has a beard. Everyone knows that."

Oh my mistake.

So for an hour I told stories, sang songs, and entertained the boys with my "home-made popsicle people."

Did I mention? A feigned British accent goes along way......

Oh... and about the boys. Doctor concerned it's pertussis (whooping cough). Strong antibiotics, an oral steroid, etc. And a test in which I had to use my full body weight to keep the boys on the table while they stuck a metal "q-tip" up their nostril for 15 seconds, each side. Super fun. We'll find out if it's pertussis next week!

*Petroleum Jelly was used to adhere the Grandparents soft cotton ball hair.


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