A thousand posts.

This is my 1,000th post. It's amazing to see where my journey on this blog has taken me. When I first started blogging it was 2006. Now it's 2013. When I first started I had two children. Now I have five. Then I was living in PA while my husband was just starting his Master's degree. Now we're waiting to hear back about the Ph.D. program at UVA. 

A week ago was Samuel's CT scan. It was the first time Mike wasn't present. He had work and I encouraged him to do what was needed... work. I know it took an emotional toll on him to not be there. But I didn't go alone with Samuel. I had Libby come with us. 

It was fun to pick them up at school and drive down to the Children's Hospital together. And after our time of scans and seeing the oncologist I treated them to chips and pretzels. They cracked me up when they wanted to pose with their treats. The first is sweet and the second picture Libby's hamming it up with her "warrior princess" yell while Samuel continues to make the same face   :)

Best friends Forever

Oh Yeah!


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