An Unlikely Friend...

Sometimes you meet people because you have too. That's how it started.

Mike was best man in his friend's wedding and so I went with.

This was before we were married.

I met the bride to be. She had gorgeous red curly hair and beautiful pale skind and a lovely smattering of freckles and I felt strange and shy being a tag-a-long. But before I knew it... before the wedding reception was over that week-end I thought.... I could like this girl. I mean really like her. Maybe it was that her family got together and danced around wearing crazy Grouch Marx glasses... you know the ones with the furry eyebrow & mustache combo...

Something special has happened over the years... this woman who I did not know became precious to me. Our encounters are limited as we live in different cities, hours apart... but my heart has been knit to hers. And I hope I'm not being too over the top, dramatic and I hope I don't scare her... no suzy, i'm not a stalker... but I really love you.

Being with you, talking to you, reading your posts or e-mails or facebook statuses always brings a smile to my face. And as we have become moms and have both had kids in quick succession my appreciation for you has multiplied as well.

I have nearly wet myself a time or two, tears streaming down my face as I read your facebook posts. And then I found your fabulous site.... and I knew I had to share it with the world. Because I'm pretty sure you could make anyone laugh and smile who needs to once they get a peek into the window of your world. Keep up the writing friend!

Love you Suzy. I really do.


Unknown said…
Jennifer, You are too kind. Thanks for the love. So glad we've become friends :)

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