Sweet & Serious

I am so thankful for my kids. I love their individual personalities. I love the way they talk and express themselves. It's interesting to see how their birth order affects them as well. Libby is a tried and true first born. & Peter is very much a last born. I think this child of mine is very secure. he knows he is loved by his parents and by his siblings. 
He shadows Michael and loves to follow him everywhere. He repeats everything that Ian say. Peter adores his big sister. He plays with Samuel or watches what Samuel is doing. It's been very fun lately to see him come into his own with language. When he talks sometimes it's his own made up language but every now and then he bursts into a full sentence. This has been fun and very amusing. At times we have to ask ourselves, "Did Peter just say that?"
His favorite thing is to ask where people are...

Peter: "Where's Michael?"
Me: "He's at school."

Peter: "Where's Ian?"
Me: "He's at school."

Peter: "Where's Papa?"
Me: "He's working."
Peter: "Cool"


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