Parenting in the Raw...

Kids are screaming and wild. Mike's been at work since 11 last night and still has yet to come home and it's after 11 this morning... bless his heart. I think that I get it together and then realize this idea of control is just an illusion. Laundry may get done... and then there's dishes. Dishes washed but then I need to vacuum. Sweep. Clean bathroom. Sort out what's all over the floor and couch... Go-gurt? Applesauce? Oatmeal? Science project slime? 

Creating. Destroying. Cleaning. Messing. Playing. Fighting. Laughing. Crying. 

Everything seems to happen so quickly and on such intense scales. A moment to breathe. A moment to eat. A moment to fix a tea that I never get a chance to sip.

Letting go of my expectations for the day and instead asking God to let me be apart of what He wants for my day. So, Lord, this is me surrendering. Whatever you have, whatever you want... I will trust you. Even if it means picking up legos from under my bare feet... or wiping another poopy bottom... or reading "that book" again.

Thank you Lord that you are Lord even over the mundane. Even over the monotonous. Even over the average and typical day. Thank you that you are worthy of my praise even when I feel broken and heavy laden and weary and worried. Thank you that I can cast all my anxieties on you and that you hear my cries. My prayers do not fall on deaf ears. 

Thank you for this adventurous life you've given me. Help me to live for your glory. Help me to love my husband, my children, my neighbors, my family and friends and strangers as you would. Thank you that I am yours. Save me.


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