Pirates, Passy, and days without Mike

"Yes, I did put this lamb in my pacifier ring..."
Michael is happy he can eat again!!!

"A Pirate's Life for Me, Yo Ho!"

Libby scrapbooking for the first time!

Although he loves to pretend to shoot
 Ian's guns are never loaded!
Sometimes you just have to
hang in there...

Days without Mike are LOOOOOOOOONG. So grateful for him to have work but sometimes by the end of the day it takes all the energy I have to just crawl into bed. And I just plain miss having my husband/AKA Best Friend around to hang out with and talk to.

The kids and I have been trying to keep things adventurous and plan fun events as well as times of relaxation and chill time. From scrapbooking with a friend (Thanks Vicki) to going to the zoo to swimming at a friend's pool to playing at home with Sizzles (the rabbit) and eating popcorn and watching a movie from the library. 

Recently when Mike was home, we took the kids to the Regal Summer Movie Express at Greenbrier when movies are just a $1.00 each! We went and saw Rio 2 as a family. And this past week we even traveled up to N. VA where Mike was working and stayed with our friends the Ivy's.... between the hair chalk, swimming at the pool, icecream treats, air and space museum and bounce house... the kids had in their words, "Best day ever!" each day :)

Thank you Bob and Suzy and all your fabulous girls. We love you Lucy, Fable, Emmie, and Penny and can't wait to meet your little brother when he arrives! We know he will be much loved!

So on to the adventure of this week with dentist appointments and haircuts, chiropractic adjustments and River Anne's 1st birthday, homeschool prep meetings, Mike preaching, outreach for church and our much anticipated arrival of Auntie Kelsey!!!!


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