The Gift of Rest, My Need to Get Unplugged & Resist the Lies

I have had some of the most restful days this past week that I've had in a long, long time. I've been able to sleep, exercise, eat, play and go to Barnes and Noble whenever I've wanted. I have been "kid-free".

This is not my daily life. This is not normal at all. But I have enjoyed the ability to unwind and breathe deep and stretch as needed.

My life is full. Full of 5 beautiful, crazy kids. Full of cleaning and meal making and laundry doing. Full of joy and work and the occasional heartbreak that comes from living in a fallen, broken world.

I have found that in my unwinding... I need to be unplugging more. I'm finding myself in this quiet time, drawn to a screen like a moth to a light. And there are so many screens to choose from... my laptop, ipad, cell phone.

If I'm not careful I can fool myself into thinking I've been productive when I've just let myself wander down the rabbit hole.

This would have had no meaning
when I was a child...
If I'm not careful I can buy into the lie that my reality is way better or far worse than others' reality. I can look down my nose in self-righteousness. Or I can dissolve inward and feel sorry for myself that others have it so much better/easier than I do.

I have to be careful when i'm on online to ask myself, "Is this real?" "Is this the truth?" "What marketing/advertising line am I buying right now?" "Have I fooled myself into thinking that this product/service will fix ALL my problems?"

I need to yank those lies up by their roots and throw them away.

So instead of saying more I am going to stop. I'm going to close my computer for the day. And go workout. After I workout I'm going to gather my notebook and a physical book (kindle on my ipad can lead to checking out e-mal and FB) and find a coffee shop or cafe and just sit, soak up the sun. Write down some thoughts. Maybe do some art journaling or creative writing and breathe.

Get in nature. Take a walk. Toss some water balloons. Laugh. Breathe. Make some homemade ice-cream.

I'll check in again tomorrow. Have a great day!


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