The Joys of Reading

I love a good book. Just wrapped up a novel and have a stack accumulating of what I've just finished reading next to my bed. My To Be Read Pile is slowly but steadily shrinking. But just when I think it's diminishing I listen to podcasts like What Should I Read Next?, Bibliofile, One Great Book, Read Aloud Revival and I find my list of holds at the library are expanding exponentially. 
I love finding book nooks as well! So fun!

I love reading in the summer. On the beach or in my hammock outisde or lazily reading in bed as the rain is pouring outside. 

What is your favorite book? I'd love to add it to my pile! What book sparked your imagination? What book created a new habit, pattern or growth in thinking, emotional health, spiritual wellness, etc.? 

Between audiobooks and my kindle or a physical copy I find that I'm often in the company of books. So tell me if there was just one book you could pick (beside the Bible), what would it be and why?


Mackenzie Black said…
Union With Christ by Wilbourne!
Sarah said…
I’m slowly working through Vindicating the Vixens and am learning so much! Also if you like personality stuff, The Road Back to You was very eye opening.
Unknown said…
Thanks Mackenzie and Sarah! I've read the Road Back to You! I love the enneagram. It's been very helpful. Looking forward to Union with Christ and Vindicating the Vixens!

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