Gone Blonde.

Did that get you attention? Well, this once brunette has officially taken a plunge into the "dark" side... hmmm, or should I say the light side? hee hee hee. On Saturday morning I had gone out to go to Women's Group but the place we meet at was closed... so I headed over to a hair salon to get my haircut. In the process of cutting my hair the hairdresser looks at me and says, "you really should get some highlights sometime.." I thought, "heck, why not now..." So I have some seriously blonde highlights. I don't have a picture yet.. but have asked Mike to take some photos soon... so that you'll be able to recognize me. I don't think some people at church recognized me. It's fun... the haircut is funky and my hair's a bit wild but I am enjoying it. I needed something a little more happy and boy I got it! I feel like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly... look out world... I'm changing and it's good.


Anonymous said…
You gotta get pictures of your fabulous new hair up here soon!! How exciting! I am a big fan of dramatic hair changes once in a while and I hope you feel as gorgeous as we all know you are! Being blonde every once in a while is a lot of fun....!! Thanks for all the pics of your beautiful family having a blast all over Philadelphia - in case you do make it back to the UK I am already clearing dance floor space in Starbucks! love ya xxx
Anonymous said…

CAn't wait to see the pictures....you are one wild and crazy chick and I so love you for it.........kiss the munchkins for me,,,,,,and Mike and him one for you.
Can't wait to see you all. How are exams going??
ROCK ON.....
Jenn said…
Jennifer, Can't wait to see the pics!! :)
PS Have you danced in Starbucks with your new hairdo yet?!! :)
Bethany said…
I want to see some pics!!!!

I love changing hair color...at least on others. I have calmed down myself. But have been every color but black (oh and have not done the pink or blue thing either). I am getting ready for some major highlights the start of June before baby comes. AHHHH. I love doing highlights in the summer and then I do highlights and low lights in the winter. I can't wait to see yours though. I love the chunky kinds with lots of contrast. I bet it looks fabulous on you!!!
AmyB said…
Jennifer, Yahoo! Go girl! Can't wait to see it!!! XOXO
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, I can't wait to see a picture!! I had very blonde highlights once and it was fun!
Anonymous said…
That's so cool! I can't wait to see your hair!! I love you.

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