Mice, Miracles, Mac N Cheese, and Mini Skirts

Okay, people where to start.

MIRACLES. As most of you know I spent Easter in the ER with Samuel. Samuel was sick throwing up Saturday night and became dehydrated He was coughing horribly and starting showing signs of breathing distress... retracting deeply, and with all the vomiting and no wet diapers I knew it wasn't something I could put off till Monday. Mike stayed home to care for Libby. I thought I could simply take Samuel to the closest hospital. Apparently though I took him to a hospital that doesn't have a Peds (Pediatric) Unit. Bummer. So we took our first ambulance ride over to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia).... the place is amazing. It's huge, clean, friendly and I really appreciated the care we got. Some friends came over and took care of Libby so that Mike could join me. We waited together in a private ER room. We weren't put into our room until after 12:30 a.m. and the doctors/nurses weren't finished until 2:30 a.m. We were exhausted. Mike had to wake up early and get back home to continue caring for Libby. There's a lot more that could be said but basically Samuel was officially diagnosed with asthma. I took an asthma class so that I could learn better how to care for him. Everyone in the class was surpised at how young Samuel was and already having such breathing problems. The thing with Samuel is once he catches a little virus, cold, etc. it manifests itself quickly and he has an asthmatic flare. Asthma is pretty treatable but it can be a very serious thing. I had a cousin who died at 14 because of an asthma attack so I know that we can't take this thing lightly. Also Samuel's condition tends to be a bit more serious than most. One of the good things is that as he gets older he will get bigger and stronger so the severity of the situation will lessen. Samuel was released on Wednesday night. I went home and got rid of ALL the stuffed animals. It was pretty sad. I loved all the fun animals the kids had but they tend to collect dust that triggers asthma attacks. Samuel had a follow up appointment today. Mike totally blessed me and took Samuel to the doctor's for me. The doctors said that his lungs sounded clear and upped one of his medications. He also got his 12 month shots today. Samuel seems to be feeling better and acting pretty happy. We are so thankful that the hospital visit wasn't too long and that God is providing us with the help we need to treat and care for Samuel.

MICE. One of the mice were killed by the trap... and I found him. We had been putting peanut butter on the trap (that's what my parents always did) but for some reason these mice were able to eat the p.b. without triggering the trap. Well, I opened the pantry door and there he was lying dead and pathetic... and I yelled, "yuck, yuck, yuck," and ran all the way upstairs and jumped on the bed and made Mike deal with the mouse. My hero... he took care of the mouse. Don't ask me why but these mice are freaking me out. This kind of stuff didn't use to bother me but now it does... death, death to the critters in my pantry. I hoped I don't find anymore... I'm afraid to open the pantry to just get items out for dinner... I usually wait till I know Mike is home before I open the door. Isn't that sad?

Mac N Cheese. Libby is actually eating beyond her staple foods, which consisted of: Lucky Charms, oatmeal, yogurt, and applesauce, oh yeah and fruit bars. She recently started eating macaroni and cheese! she also has been eating more bananas, taking bites of apple... and yesterday she asked for string cheese and ate some... So wow, that's a serious miracle in my book. This girl did not like textured food... and now, she's willing to try other foods... Praise God!

Mini Skirts... I'm sure that part of the heading got your attention. Libby has decided to start dressing herself... as of today. I was giving the kids a bath and before I got her undressed I noticed she had gone to her room and slipped on a skirt over her pants. She's also proceeded to wear my boots today. Now the funny thing is that the skirt is from LAST year so it's a bit short and snug for her. She is bound and determined now. after her nap today she was insistent about wearing a dress she found in her closet... I had to keep explaining it was too cold to wear the dress she wanted to wear. So, she put the skirt back on and is um, still wearing it! Why didn't I take advantage of the time when I dressed her?! Where did Miss Independent come from? She doesn't want help... she wants to do it HERSELF! Aaaghhh.... 2 and a half and trying to rule her world.

You guys should see her dance though. She's a riot. She jumps and leaps in place and twirls around. It's pretty funny. Everytime she hears a song she starts dancing.

Well, it's been raining and pouring lately. I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever... and can't wait for some sunshine to come our way so that we can go on long walks. Mike just bought me a double jogging stroller and it works great! I can't wait to put it to use!


Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, so glad Samuel is doing better.

Very funny about Libby and mini-skirts. Olivia is totally into dressing herself too. She wears four or five outfits a day. Normally summer clothes and it's not summer yet. Still chilly!! Oh, and she has to do it "all by myself" too.
Michelle said…
speaking of libby dancing...i forgot to tell you when i was there watching her... angelina ballerina was on and when i popped into the room to check on her, i caught her doing the sweetest twirling along with the video. it was so cute. your little ballerina baby, uh, i mean independent 2 1/2 year old. ;-)
Jenn said…
Jennifer, So great to get a little update from you guys! Glad to hear. You really are a great story teller. Love you! Jenn
AmyB said…
Jennifer, so glad that Samuels stay in the hospital was shorter than you guys originally thought and so thankful that he is doing better!!

Oh man Jenn, you always make me laugh...aside from reading your blog to catch up and see pics of the kiddos, I love reading all the funny little lines you throw in! :-) My favorite this time is "death, death to the critters in my pantry" Ha ha, it made me laugh so hard! I love you!
Bethany said…
HOpe your little guy is doing better.

Libby sounds too cute. Love that story. Guess I am going to have that to look forward too. HEE HEE. You should video her dancing and post to Youtube and put on your blog. I wanna laugh.

Hey thank you so much for the lotions I love them. I need your snail mail address can you email it to me. Thanks.
Jennifer said…
Bethany, I love the idea of videotaping Libby. I was just wondering how I could post it. that's a great suggestion... a big step for me. I'll work on it!

I'll get you my snail mail. glad you liked the lotions.

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