Wondering where I've been?  Busy.  Very busy.

Hmmm... where to start? The kids are ALL bathed, fed, and chill- for the moment.  So I thought I would drop a note.

Michael managed to clog his n-d tube on Saturday. We were on our way to CHKD when the doctor called and said for us to try some seltzer and it worked!  Praise the Lord.  But not good enough for him.  He managed to surprise us on Sunday morning.  Michael completely pulled out the tube... again.  But thankfully we called ahead and the doctor got us into radiology so we were a whole day early getting his g-j tube conversion done!

It's been a busy, fun, crazy, wonderful, sad, lonely, panicky, funny, and did I mention busy, week. How is that for adjectives.

My poor little ones have been eaten up by mosquitoes.  Samuel has them on his face.  Libby all over her legs. 

It's wonderful to see Michael's face clear and free of tape and tubes.  Well I'm off to go make some amish friendship bread.  Yum.


Anonymous said…
I missed seeing you at church! Can't wait to see little Michael, and hold him and Ian!
Love you lots,
emily grace b.
Ginger said…
baking bread?!?! super mom!
cant wait to see Micheal's face and his sweet little cheeks
i am so glad for you jennifer! what a blessing! often check your blog so i can be praying for you all and get updates...sounds like you had a nother week full of "blessings" :-) love you guys and am praying for you!

robyn stewart marmon
Katherine M. said…
Jenn, So nice to see you at Starbucks with your mom. Your babies are so adorable. Are the bug bites healing up on Libby and Samuel? Our neighbors called the city of Chesapeake about mosquitoes, and workers came out and went through all our yards turning over anything with stagnant water in it. If you call the city, maybe you'll get some help. I'll try to come this next week. Much love!

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