Okay, I have some moments in my life that just make me think, "Yikes!"  Here are some.

I just left my daughter's room.  Don't ask me how but the blinds came off the window and onto her.  Scary.  Samuel's currently screaming.  (they share the same room).  Yikes.

Last week caught in a storm while trying to leave Target with the twins.  Had to unplug Michael's alarms and cords and replug them in.  Got drenched.  Crying, screaming wet babies.  Yikes.

Ian came home and had a fever and was sick for a few days.  Yikes.

I got a little sick.  Yikes.

Samuel's asthma is flaring at the moment.  Yikes.

My friend Reaghan cut her foot at my house today and was bleeding profusely, Yikes, but is okay.

Had to hold Samuel for a while and comfort him.  Now he's back asleep after wrestling with the nasal syringe... trying to suck out the mucus so that he could breathe.  Well, I'm drinking some Yogi Sleep tea.  It's helped the past several nights.  Lizzy, I'm also going to try taking those vitamins/supplements you recommended.

BTW- for those who wanted to know my juicer is called the Breville Juice Fountain.  (You can buy it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $150.  Use a 20% off coupon from them.  Also, remember their coupons NEVER expire- my sister taught me that). It works like a professional juicer with very easy clean up.  I put the waste in a compost pile outside.

Okay, to bed... or should I just do a couple rows of knitting... hmmm.  Never mind, the kids are crying again.  I would say good night but it's almost good morning :)


Les said…
Jenn- Good seeing you the other night! Did Samuel like his clothes ?? Shaklee makes a "Gentle Sleep Complex" that really helps me when I can't sleep. Annie J can get it for you I think or internet.
Jennifer said…
ooh. Gotta try that gentle sleep complex. Thanks for the clothes. They are wonderful! And I can't wait to put the twins in them later!

Julie said…
Hi Jen,

I have some great pictures of the kids at the Botanical Garden today. Call me and give me your e-mail address and I will send them to you!

btw, as I am sure that you have discovered, the enchiladas need more sauce.
Jennifer said…
Julie- they were fabulous! Thank you so much! The kids had such a great time!



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