What Libby Says

"Samuel.  Samuel Napier you come down here young man.  You are not kind.  You are being greedy.  Sam.  You come here now Sam!" 
(when Samuel was going upstairs and doing nothing harmful)

What she says everyday:
-"Are we starting school today?"
-"Is it my birthday yet?"
-"Am I going to see Austin?" (a friend of mine's adorable 5 year old)
-"Sarah is my best friend.  Alexis and Courtney are my best friends.... (and recently) Papa you are my best friend."  "Mommy you can be my good friend..." (ha)
-" you can buy that for me for my birthday"  (reference to anything princess- from umbrellas to "make-up")
-"On my birthday we're going to have streamers and chocolate cake"

From one of Libby's books she quotes a lot of...
"pata-killers" instead of catepillars.

"Ian you are so tiny.  You're my boy."

"Mommy, Ian eats from those.  I used to eat those when I was a baby.  Now i eat applesauce."


Michelle said…
haha. Keep doing these. Their so funny!
wendy said…
That is great! Love the applesauce connection! Charlie is mailing your package today. My sister would laugh, but you have to know I forgot to put a note in the package. Know I love you guys and hope the books are a help and blessing. (my mom never puts in notes...funny huh!).
Anonymous said…
Yay! Libby girl. :)

Thanks for posting.


Anonymous said…
Awww. so cute!
Katherine M. said…
I love Libby's words to Samuel. So funny! Can I come next week and hang out with him? Much love!
Reaghan said…
Jennifer said…
Yes Katherine please come! I know Samuel would love it and so would I!

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