A very quick abbreviated update seeing as we're headed out the door to go spend the day with my family at the beach.  Michael is going to get the g-j tube conversion hopefully next week.  We're post-poning the nissan fundus-plication surgery for now.  We're hoping to get his cleft palate repaired and then try the video-swallow study to see if he's aspirating or refluxing into his lungs.  We'll see.

I've been sad to see my friend Sara go but thankful for such a wonderful time together.


-surprise baby shower for her on Monday evening (they don't have baby showers in Sweden)
-getting coffee together and huge cinnamon rolls at Bean There coffee shop.
-playing with the kids and reading books in Swedish
-taking all 4 kids out to Babies R'Us and then to Starbucks.
-lots and lots of pictures

Well, yesterday my pants literally fell off.  Walking out of Barnes and Noble my very loose pants decided to make a dive for it.  That was amusing.  The fridge has also died and so everything in it is bad.  Isn't that fun.... no, not really.

Anyway, I better go help Mike.  We're all close to our wit's end.  sigh.


wendy said…
Well, many are still praying...and it could have been worse...the fridge could have died at the beginning of your friend's visit instead of the end. Reading in Swedish, sounds so cool! Did the kids learn any swedish words? How fun to get a special visit like that!! Hang in there.
Caren said…
Jen, you must be the closest thing to wonderwoman in real life. I admire you! Keep up the good work! I hope you were able to get some rest today. I'm praying for you all!
Sarah said…
Hope your day at the beach with your family was fun. Glad you and Sara had a good time and there will be lots more good times just around the corner even if it doesn't always feel like that! Still praying for all of you - thanks for managing to keeping posting on the blog and keep those of us far away up to date enough to pray the right stuff! Hang in there girlie - love you lots xxx
anne said…
You rocke Jenn!! You amaze me and I can't believe your pants fell off! Crazy!
Hope you have a great week! :)

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