The best 7th yet.

I can't tell you how honestly surprised I am by how amazing this day has been.

Today would have been my sister's 27th birthday.

I woke up with my honey on a get-away overnight. Yep, you heard right! We've been gone for two overnights.

It started with a 2 hour massage first thing in the morning. I then had breakfast with a dear friend who brought me tulips and wrote the loveliest note.

I then picked up Mike and drove home in time for the kids to arrive back home. I left with my mom to go and donate my hair. I cut off over 10 inches! In fact they were able to make two donations from my hair. 2 pigtails.... each cut and donated. I was so thrilled. Double offering. I donated my hair to Locks of Love... something my sister used to do.

My mom and I went grocery shopping and had some Starbucks together, picked up a prescription and came home. My dad was busy blowing up 27 balloons which we released in the sky.

My parents had a special present they gave my daughter Libby. It was my sister's American Girl doll, Samantha. I couldn't believe it. They had found the doll and as a surprise gave it to my little Libby. It was very moving.

I made a huge "Olive Garden Dinner" of fettuccine alfredo with portabello mushrooms and garlic and chicken, French baguettes with olive oil and dipping seasonings.... and a huge salad with tomatoes, parmesan cheese & baby romaine topped with croutons and italian (home-made) salad dressing.

We sang Happy Birthday to Libby and let Libby (my daughter) blow out the candles since Auntie Libby couldn't blow them out here. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting was passed around.

It was a special day.

I helped my mom work on a paper for her schoolwork and went to bed falling asleep with my honey reading to me a J.D. Salinger novel.

A wonderful day.

So thank you for your prayers. You must have been praying. I don't know how I would have gotten through otherwise! God's gracious love and mercy were felt throughout the entire day! God is so good.


Anonymous said…
What a great report to hear that yesterday was a great day.........
Blessings on you all and know how much you are loved by us.
Mom and Dad N.
Lizzy said…
I was praying for you, Jennifer...and your entire family. we love you all. God is indeed so good!!
the Mosers said…
so glad it was a meaningful day. you are blessed. (and you are a blessing!)
Sara of Sweden said…
I'm so relieved to hear that it was a good day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!
Mimi said…
God is Good!:)
Anonymous said…
Yes!!!As the balloons were released, may you all be continued to be released by the smile from the sky.

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