Michael. I love to watch him playing and engaging in his environment. He's scooting on his diaper everywhere. Getting into things. Playing. Pulling things out.

He and Ian had doctor's appts. yesterday (for a well visit). Both are doing well and making tremendous progress. We are so excited!


Anonymous said…
Praise God for progress! Such good news. Great job caring for them...with love and tenderness and diligence...scheduling appointments, changing feeding tubes and diapers, snuggles at all hours...great job mom and dad!


Sara of Sweden said…
Precious beautifuk little one! Michaels eyes are the most beautiful eyes I know! Deep as wells. I miss you so so much!
Anonymous said…
Hi Jenn, I also am enthralled with Michael's eyes. It's so wonderful to hear how well both the boys are doing. Mom and I would like to come so badly but with the airlines in such a mess, I just don't know. Maybe when -God's timing is best!! So If or when we come we will sure to be in the Father's will. I love how you pull yourself up from dark praises with Praise!! The Lord Bless y'all and keep you safe. Merry Christmas!!!!! Auntie Barb

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