Merry Christmas!

May you experience the presence of Jesus Christ both now and always! Rejoice! Emmanuel has come! God is with us! May His peace and joy rule and reign in your hearts. We wish you a very Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said…
I LOVE THIS PHOTO! You are all so beautiful. You are treasured, dear ones. Have a wonderful Christmas Day.


Ashleigh said…
Beautiful family!
Sarah said…
Great picture of you guys!
Sarah K in Phila
Lizzy said…
what a great pic of your sweet brood. praying for you, jennifer! hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas!
Chalene Baird said…
All your little guys are so little anymore!!! You guys look gorgeous and so filled with joy even though life is crazy. What a testimony of the grace of God in your lives. Love you all!

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