The past several days.

Happy Birthday Mom!
We have had a few busy days....

My mother-in-law celebrated on Tuesday her 60th birthday! She looks 50 in my opinion. We had a wonderful time celebrating with her! Happy Birthday Mom!

On Wednesday we had our traditional Cousin's Christmas Party with my cousins the Bensons and with John and David and my brother Christopher. It was a fun & relaxed time of good food and sharing wonderful past memories.

Thursday was our Christmas Eve party... also a lot of fun. Mike and I were up late wrapping presents and trying to not fall asleep.

By Christmas on Friday I was feeling exhausted. The kids enjoyed opening their presents and we had a meal of cinnamon rolls and eggs together. It was fun watching them play and seeing their grateful hearts. We had a big turkey dinner that night with the Napiers and Mike's grandparents. It was a great time. Lots of laughter and good food.

Now, did I take a single picture... no, of course not! Ooops. But it was good because I was actually getting to live in the moment and join in instead of focusing on taking pictures.

Today (Saturday).. the kids and I are hanging out at the Napiers. Enjoying time with family and just being chill. Mike is out working hard.


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