Call me Auntie Jennifer.

Oh dear Lord. I posted on FB but forgot to mention on my blog that my niece was born! Where is my head????? Or did I mention and forget? I don't think so. Wow. You should be worried. Yes.... I am that tired! I was also in the hospital with Samuel so things got a little crazy.

Madison Rhea Wratten

March 29, 2011
6 lbs, 13 oz.
21 1/2 inches long
4:57 a.m.

(precious and dearly loved!)

Kristin and Madison are home and doing well. Kristin is recovering from a looooooong but unproductive labor and c-section. She might not feel great but she looks great and is doing a wonderful job. She is a super Mommy!

Madison is a dollie. She has beautiful dark hair and lovely coloring. She is so long and slender. She reminds me of Libby that way. She smiles all the time... which is crazy weird (at this early) but fun. I am totally smitten with this little girl. I'm really proud of Christopher and Kristin and so happy to have us all in the house together.


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