Okay, so Samuel had surgery and chemo and came home on Wednesday night. Thursday was a special lunch with Mike's family and extended family. Thursday was bachelor night. Friday was rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Saturday was the wedding and reception. Monday we had some of Mike's family over for a pancake brunch. Whew. Barely a moment to catch one's breath.

We discovered that the one vehicle that holds our whole family is in need of some major repairs ($1,400) just to pass inspection. Thankfully we're borrowing my in-laws car... no air conditioning... which is hot but fine when we get moving. The poor babes are covered in sweat when we travel.

But then the a.c. isn't working at the house. So, it's the land of heat. Hot at home. Hot when you travel. I have come to realize I don't like being hot. I get irritable and cranky and everyone's tempers are prone to flare.

I took Samuel to the clinic today while Mike taught. He did really well. Bandage changed. Blood checked. Chemo administered.

Next week is another evaluation... CT scan and EKG.

Well, Peter is fussy. Poor teething baby....


Oh Dear Jennifer, Praying for you. We have no AC in our house or Van as well and I have noticed the little ones as well as myself tend to get grumpy so fast. Today was so bad cause it down poured and I had to put up the windows in the van and 3 little ones and myself were SOOO hot. Praying for you that it all works out very soon for you.

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