life with 4 boys...

I'm realizing that it's special being a mom of 4 boys. Things happen in my house now that never happened in  mine growing up. I had only one boy. And believe me Christopher was a lot of boy. Still is. But it's not the same as having four boys running around.

They can do a lot of damage. They break things. They're curious and investigate.

They put their poop on the floor for me to pick up (like today).

They put dinosaurs in my shoes... that I can't see til I try to put my foot in.

They leave legos in my bed.

They do things that I could never have thought of telling them not to do until they do it.

They're adventurous. Mischievous. Hilarious. Wild. Smelly. Dirty. Messy. Jumping in muddles. Squirting mud all over their new clothes. Wearing underwear on their head like it's a hat. Using potty talk to make each other laugh.

I used to be so desperate to have another girl. I love my daughter Libby and I had always hoped that she would have a sister. I loved my sister so much and I wanted her to have that particular blessing. But God didn't give us that.

With each pregnancy after Samuel's, I kept thinking "For sure this one will be a girl." With the twins I thought, "oh, I will have two girls or I will have a boy and a girl." Nope. 2 boys. With my last pregnancy I was so sure that I was having a girl that I started buying baby girl clothes. Nope, Peter was a boy. And I would not change my boys for anything.

I used to be sad but now I see how wonderful it is. I have my girl, who I love with all my heart. That I do girly things with. We paint nails. Eat chocolate while reading together. Watch girly movies. Enjoy shopping. Etc.

And I have my boys. I used to think God was crazy. Now I know that He knew just what I needed.

I can't keep my house clean or my kids completely in line. I'm constantly asking God for help and grace and patience and strength and willingness to be kind and gentle. These wild little men are so good for me. They make me aware that I'm not perfect. That I don't have it together. That I need God. They also make me laugh. They make me grow. They make me learn.

God gave me wonderful gifts by giving me each one of my unique, individual, beautiful, creative, children. Thankful God knows best.


Sarah said…
This is such a lovely post Jennifer xx
Steve Finnell said…
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