Nit-pickin' New Year!

What better way to celebrate New Year's Eve (which also happens to be my Dad's birthday) with my Mom saying, "Um, Samuel was scratching his head and I think he has lice." Oy. And unfortunately it was true. And it spread by the next day to all the kids.

So New Year's was spent with all of us with wrapped hair in mayonnaise and plastic wrap for over 3 hours to kill the buggers. But it didn't seem to kill all of them so we had to use medicated shampoo several times. We buzzed the boy's hair. So for several days we rang in the New Year with sanitizing sheets, blankets, jackets, pillows, clothes, mattresses, hats, scarves, etc. Not to mention combing any nits out of our kids hair.

And when it rains it pours.

It also happens that in the midst of this the washer and dryer stopped working so we still have mounds and mounds of laundry to wash.

And today it's 14 degrees with a windchill that puts us in the negative and we just lost electricity/power. Someone just crashed into a pole and they left without informing police which means the power company doesn't know. I shouldn't whine. I'm glad they're okay. Makes me wondering if they were texting or something because there's no ice on the road.

So no power. Which means it's going to get cold quick. And we don't have access to water because we use a well.

It means the potato soup I started making isn't going to be cooked.

My phone is dying and I can't charge it.

I can't read my new book on the ipad because Peter ran the battery down and I can't charge it.

My battery on my wi-fi machine is dying and I probably won't even get a chance to post this.

I smashed the funny bone in my elbow as I was going down the stairs
and on my way up the stairs
I tripped in my pink suede boots and fell on the landing.

Simply put. It has not been easy lately.

I used to despise that Bible verse, "Never tire of doing what is right." That just sounded exhausting to me. Don't get tired. Yeah, right?! I'm always tired. Why do I always have to do the right thing? I can never seem to do the right thing. I felt I was asked to do the impossible.

But recently I heard it put this way....

Never give up doing good.

I like that. Never give up. I need to remind myself of that. Never give up doing good.

This week has been about perseverance. It's not giving up even when I feel discouraged. It's been a lot of crying out to the Lord, "Help! Help! Help!" but He doesn't despise doing good and He's not giving up on me.

I have failed again and again this week. My attitude has frankly stunk at times. I have had to apologize to my kids and my husband repeatedly. But my faithful God is bigger than all my stinkin' sin. He's greater than my failures and messes. He loves me in spite of me.

So frankly I'm holding on to that.

And I've laughed a lot. Things seem to keep getting more and more improbable. I've actually thought, "Is this really happening?"

Peter's napping and I'll take a half hour to flip through a magazine before I get the kids. I can't give them the muffins I had planned to make or hot cocoa... But we can manage. We will push forward.

And I find myself with peace in my mind despite my circumstances. I'm resting in the fact that God is so much bigger and He has the full picture and He's not done writing my story... and boy, oh boy is it one heck of a story.

Hoping you're warm and safe and healthy. Praying for peace in the midst of where ever you're at. And that you may know His grace surpasses all your inabilities, sins, and mess-ups.

God is good. All the time.


Mixue said…
Yikes! Rough week... But good reminder to never give up doing good! :) I'm praying for you and I love you. Stay warm, my friend!!

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