I can't help but marvel when I think of where we were just a few short years ago. Giving shots everyday to help stimulate Samuel's white cells to recover and bounce back after round after round of chemo. Flushing tubes and CVL lines. Scary fevers that led to the ICU and created near-death experiences. Feeding tubes for two of my kids. 

Things aren't perfect or easy now. But they're so much better and a whole lot easier than they used to be. I am so thankful though that God never forsook me even in the hardest moments. He's been there. Even on the days that suck. Even on the days I could barely make myself get out of bed. Even when I felt like I would never be able to cry again because I was so dried out from all the tears I had shed.

God has sustained us in the midst. He's been so faithful. 

One of my most favorite things is seeing the way my children interact with each other. How their relationships with each other have grown. Their love and affection for each other is strong. Libby and Samuel have a special bond. My heart melted when the teachers told me how Libby and Samuel walk hand in hand down the hall every day on their way to homeroom. That's precious to me.

Fall 2011

Fall 2012

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