Emmy and Libby.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It's so fun to see Libby and Emily interact together. Em is such a fun cousin. She's creative with her sewing and designs the coolest stuff! She's playing basketball this season. Go, Em Go! She's great with Libby and Samuel. One of my favorite memories with Emily is when I drove out to her house with the kids (an hour away with traffic) so we could get pancakes at IHOP. I don't know how this was humanly possible but I managed to forget my diaper bag (which had my wallet in it) and so we were left with emergency money in the car and some money that Emily had. We made it work. We all ate. Amazingly enough I found some emergency diapers and formulat stashed in the back of the car from our last trip to the hospital. Praise God! In spite of her cousin being forgetful we had a great time. We miss you Emily!


Anonymous said…
I love that memory also! Give the kids hugs and kisses from Emmy.
Miss you!!!!!

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