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So I started my first class at Westminster last night. It meets for 3 hours... and it was a fast three hours! I am so excited to be learning under Dr. Paul David Tripp. He's a great teacher and very wise. He also has a passion for Jesus Christ and ministering to people through counseling. I feel like part of the reason I'm up here is so that I can take this course. I so look forward to sharing how God speaks to me through this class. It's going to be a lot of work though. A paper is due every week and during every class we break down into community groups and work through cases together as well as work on changing our own hearts... yikes. Just excited and wanted to share.


Michelle said…
Wow. You are a brave woman!! You are taking a class at Westminster AND your other nutrition classes? Not to mention your other jobs as a wife and mother. Wow. You are one strong woman! :-)
I'm excited that you are making this work Jennifer. Go Jenn Go!

ps- I started looking into taking classes at ODU or W&M in Japanese History. The thoughts have been loitering around in my mind for a while.
Jennifer said…
Michelle, that's exciting! Japanese History sounds amazing. I'd love to talk to you soon... and yes, It was me who tried to call you!
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, how exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing what you learn in the course. I've often thought it would be cool to take more classes. So glad you're doing it!
Anonymous said…
I'm so proud of you Jenn!
I can't wait to here about your classes at Westminster and your nutrition classes!
Luv ya

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