One of those mornings.

There is no picture for today and you will be glad of it. I woke up this morning with a headache. So did Mike. He got up and was trying to rush out the door, almost late for school. I had Libby with me downstairs and was trying to let Samuel sleep. I decide that I was going to exercise and picked a 30 minute video as opposed to my 60 min. one. Well, not 5 minutes into it Libby is yelling and freaking out. So, I stop fix her some breakfast, make sure every possible need could be met and resume. Then the kettle goes off with its piercing whistle. Mike is unavailable to tend to it so I head into the kitchen, pour the steaming water into his coffee press and stir. Set timer for 4 minutes.

Mike comes down. He starts making fun of my exercise instructor on the DVD. Okay, she's a bit toned to put it mildly. Mike said, "She looks like she would beat you up if you wouldn't be her girlfriend." So, she's got more muscle than most guys but it's a great work-out DVD. I kiss him. He leaves. Start the video over again. Libby is freaking out 20 minutes into it. I stop the video. Get her some goldfish. Back to the video. Finish the video. Make Samuel his breakfast of rice cereal and applesauce. He doesn't wake up. I put Jonah on and rush into the shower. I mean super-fast shower. Hallelujah... Libby doesn't know I'm gone for 10 minutes. Samuel is not crying. Get dressed. Get Samuel, feed him breakfast.

Try to do my quiet time. Decide it would be best to read Scripture out loud so that it would seep into my little one's spirits. I think every 10 seconds Libby started yelling, "mama." And I would say, "yes, love?" And she would jabber on. And I would gently remind her that we are trying to read God's Word and would continue for another 10 seconds. Samuel kept trying to eat the Bible. I started Genesis 1:1 and I think I got to verse 10. It was almost time for the kids to go take a nap. Praise God. I need to finish 60+ pages for tonight's class. I give Samuel a bottle to tank him up. Less than 10 minutes later he proceeds to throw up his bottle all over me, my two shirts (it's cold up here), my pants and my thermal underwear. Did I mention it's in my hair? Oh, and all over the brand new couch. I could cry. Why do I ever bother to shower? (smile)

take two. Strip Samuel and "clean myself" off. Proceed to clean couch. Throw both kids into the tub, scrub, wash, repeat, rinse. Dry them off, put them in diapers, lotion them, put on new clothes. Brush hair. Samuel goes down for his nap. I get Libby established with a craft project downstairs and head upstairs to the bath to wash all the throw-up clothes. they don't have washers or dryers here and the next possible moment to go to the laundromat is Wednesday. So after about 30 min. or so I get most of the throw-up out of the clothes. Libby joined me about 2 min. into the project and is shoving her toothbrush into my face saying, "teeth, mama. teeth!" She wants to brush her teeth and I'm trying to rinse clothes. Finally project done, I put her down for a nap...and yes, her teeth are clean.

I think to myself as I write, this isnt really that bad. It's bigger in my head. So I get a call as I'm typing this. Mike's car won't start. He's supposed to be back here at two so that I could go out and do my reading, shop for groceries, run errands and then proceed to class at 6:30 tonight. Looks like I'm going to have to wake up two sleeping children, blow dry their wet hair, bundle them, put them in the car and go after my honey. I know it's not that bad. I am just not feeling up to it.

Hope this will make someone laugh. Crazy moms of the world UNITE!!!!


Michelle said…
Well it sure does make me more grateful for the time, availability, and flexibility I have. ;-)

I was thinking of you and praying for you this morning friend! I'm waiting for Jeff's brother to call me about his flight to VA so we can finalize our trip to PA. I hope it works out! :-) :-)
Ashleigh said…
UNITE!!! :-)

This post made me chuckle because I could SO relate to the constant interruptions when trying to do something. The life of a mom with small children. Hope you get a more peaceful/restful day today.
AmyB said…
Ha ha ha ha...Oh Jenn, you make me laugh! I've tried to do read the Bible outloud to the kids and just end up getting mad 'cause THEY AREN'T LISTENING! Don't they know that this is GOD'S WORD DANG IT!? Funny stuff. Ha ha, "crazy moms of the world UNITE!!!" I'm still laughing! :-) LOVE YOU!
Sarah said…
Ha ha ha, yes, this is real life. Hey, I can't wait to see your couch!
Anonymous said…
Good day you cute peoples!

I wote a comment to you yesterday but it didn't publish. Hmmmm What's the deal? It was a good 'un too.

Jen, I'm loving your Blog. Your writing gift is enjoyable to me. Probably because you're enjoyable to me. :>)

Papaw and I are going back to Colordo tomorrow. We surly have liked our time here. Thank you and Mike so much for making the special trip down to celebrate his birthday while we were here. That was a good life decision. Travel for Papaw may become more difficult as time gos on.

We'll always continue to pray for you, and we fully believe in God's plan we see unfolding in your lives.

Hug and kiss the babies for us. We have a major "babies" vaccume going on around here.

Loving you, Nana

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