New York City

Mike and I left the kids with his parents and drove to New Jersey where we proceeded to take a train to New York City. We thought we were going to have a good time but we had no idea how GREAT of a time we were going to have. We stayed at a friend's place in Manhattan. These dear people gave up their home to us, vacated their gorgeous, posh, apartment so that we could have a romantic early Valentine's night. Mike and I got into NYC just after noon. We took the subway to Manhattan and enjoyed a delicious lunch of French cusine at Les Deux Gamins on W. 4th street. I had a fabulous salad and Quiche Lorraine. And the bread was so French. It's hard to find good French food here in the States.

We took the afternoon off and just relaxed with our friends David and Susan at their apartment. That night they took us to an absolutely amazing Russian restaraunt/bar called Pravda.

(Pravda is an underground Caviar Bar that prides itself in serving the best Cocktails and Martinis alongside Russian inspired food. Also available are over 70 different Vodkas including 10 house infused flavored Vodkas. This subterranean Russian speak-easy, tucked away at the edge of Soho, is the perfect choice for an intimate dinner, a late-night Martini or a gathering for a group of friends.)

You can tell just being there that the elite of New York liked to mingle there. The atmosphere was warm and cozy but the place was hopping. We had course after course of appetizers and entrees. Scrambled eggs with caviar in a pastry shell. These delicious spinach wraps. New potatoes topped with caviar. Calamari. Smoked salmon on fried potatoe. Potato, bacon pizza. Etc. I know I'm not beginning to do the meal justice. Mike's favorite was Buckwheat pancakes with creme fraishe and smoked trout. And of course what Russian meal would be complete without vodka. Our friends got the vodka sampler of 6. I tried a small sip of the Spiced Cranberry and that was it for me. I'm not a vodka person but a taste completed the meal. It was fun to try different foods. I wouldn't say I'm a smoked salmon buff, oh and they had fried oysters.. but it was delicious and a special occasion. The fellowship was wonderful and we were so thankful for such a good time.

The next day Mike and I were going to go the Metropolitan Art Museum but on our way to Union Station I decided we should do something different. We went to the Strand and had a wonderful time. The strand is 18 miles of books. Mike had fun finding some good buys. I enjoyed the experience of watching him have a great time. For lunch we ate at Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar. It was quite decadent. We celebrated with their delicious mochas and I had an omelette and some toast with chocolate Brioche. Mike had this delicious spicy sausage and we splurged on a melted heart chocolate cake with berries and icecream. I know I'm not doing this place justice, but it was wonderful.

Afterwards we went to Anthropologie where I was given my Valentine's present, a beautiful selection of 4 perfumes that I just loved. All to say, we had a great time. We felt refreshed and had fun just being able to go and do what we pleased. It felt great to talk and reconnect. I look forward to our next visit.


Michelle said…
I'm so happy you were able to spend much deserved, good alone time with your husband. AND, that you were able to do that in NYC!?!?!? Yeah! Sounds like you were able to experience some wonderful things. Now I'm jealous! :-)
AmyB said…
Wow Jenn, sounds FABULOUS!!! So fun that you got to go to NYC with your hubby...can't wait to take another trip up there to try all those fabulous places you mentioned!! YUMMM!
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, so glad you and Mike were able to get away. Sounds like a WONDERFUL trip!! :-)
Ashleigh said…
Oh, I forgot to say thank you for the birth announcement and Valentine's Day card! Really liked them both. :-) Did you make the announcement? I want to learn -- great design!

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