30 years.

My parents just celebrated their 30th anniversary this past Tuesday (June 10th).  I am so thankful for their example of love and devotion and a commitment to making their marriage work!  I am blessed to have them for parents and to see that they have such an amazing marriage.  I am thankful that they are still in love with  each other and are best friends.  I look forward to Mike and I celebrating our 30th... we're just coming up on our 5th in September.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
(these were pictures I took last year on their anniversary)


Katherine M. said…
Jenn, Thanks for honoring your mom and dad. They are dearly loved by me and many others. Happy anniversary, Chris and Suzy!
Michelle said…
Congratulations Guys! Lots of love! ~M
Anonymous said…
Chris and Suz,
What a beautiful legacy you have set for Mike and Jen and we send out love and joy to you today and everyday. It is one day at a time Sweet Jesus, one day at a time. You guys are so dear and we send our love and joy.
Sandy and Martha

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