Libby's new word of late.  Twizzle.  Which means twisted or braided.  I think she got it from asking me what I'm eating... which was of course twizzlers.  Since then she's asked for her hair to be twizzled.  She saw a picture of a girl with her hair in braids and said, "Look mommy, her hair is twizzled.  I want twizzly hair."  She was frustrated trying to put on a shirt... "Mommy, I can't get it on, it's twizzled".  The shirt was twisted.

Today she told me, "you're the best mommy ever!" Wasn't that sweet?!


Michelle said…
Very very cute. I'm glad you're recording these special moments.
Anonymous said…
That's adorable, Jenn! I had a great time with you the other day and hope to see you again soon!
Sara said…
Your kids are getting so big. I can't believe you have four!! Enjoy these times...they go by SO fast!!

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