Michael has surgery later this morning.  He is getting a gastric tube put in so that we can feed him at home instead of keeping him in the hospital.  The plan also is for him to come home on a monitor which will alarm if he stops breathing or has a low heart rate.  I've had 3 hours of sleep the past 3 nights.  I feel pretty sick... sleep deprivation yuck!  

If you would pray that Michael would do well in surgery and recover well.  We're also hoping that he'll get to recover at Norfolk Sentara General (where he's been) instead of at CHKD (the children's hospital).

Looking forward to giving a good report.


Caren said…
Jen, I'm praying hard for you guys this morning!
abbey said…
praying for michael and for the rest of you!
Tess Bush said…
Praying for you guys and sweet baby Michael!
Wendy said…
Hey! We are praying for you. We have been loving hearing about you all from Reaghan. I hope the loss of help hasn't been felt so badly. Love you all
Caren said…
Jen, I hope everything went well yesterday! Praying for you all!

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