American Auntie.

Thea & Elias.

One of the joys of having a close friendship with my friend Sara from Sweden is getting to be an American "Auntie". Sara and I have been friends since 2000. We met in Australia and started to become friends there but it was in East Timor where we served together that we became very close. Sleeping in the same quarters... laughing at the mosquitoes.... breaking plates with the German Ms. Hildegarrd. Eating cheese and crackers. Savoring oreos. Singing Christmas Carols in the heat of the jungle while traveling through guerilla warfare in the mountain villages... we've had our share of adventures.

Sara has walked with me through so much. She's been to America for my wedding and just recently after the birth of the twins. She has often been willing to lay down her life and come to my aid during times of crisis... her willingness means so much to me. And I've had the joy to visit her... remember trying to find a bathroom in Denmark? Spending time on the island off the coast of Goteborg. Eating your grandmother's Cinnamon Buns... mmm. And then Mike and I coming after my sister Libby died. And you let me cry. And you hugged me. And you took me to beautiful places. And you felt Libby kick inside me.

And then sharing with you in the joy of your wedding. I was so honored to photograph your wedding... and your beautiful daughter, Thea.

And now little Elias. He's beautiful Sara. I love my little niece and nephew. I am so thankful for your friendship... a friendship that was born over 8 years ago... and now we're married and between us we have 6 kids!

I love you girl and am so proud of you!


Anonymous said…
Sara, your kids are beautiful. You are doing a great job. You have also been a wonderful friend and sister to Jennifer. It's a pleasure to know you through her. :)



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