Learning to Laugh.

I've always been one of those people who have taken themselves too seriously and taken things way too personally. So I'm learning to let go. Let go of my unrealistic expectations I have of myself. (Yes, I ordered my Christmas cards two weeks ago but have not mailed or even addressed them. ) I'm learning to laugh. Laugh at the irony of my life... and the constant build up of things... or more how one thing after another seems to happen.

Samuel fell on blocks on Sunday and has a small cut and bruise on the corner of his eye area... not the eye itself but the part below the eyebrow (will post picture soon). Kids are constantly bumping on my foot. Libby fell and scratched up her arm today. Ian has a blow out... all over clothes, etc.

But I have so much to be grateful for. I didn't break my knee or hip. Mike not working has enabled him to help me with the kids. God is meeting our needs. Our caregroup is bringing us meals. The Napiers got us some things from Costco (thanks guys)... and God is providing in amazing ways through some amazing people. And then there's the obvious: clothes, coffee, shelter, warmth, cute socks, Twizzlers, books, a Christmas tree with lights on it, beautiful children and a wonderful amazing husband.

Today is 39 in my 40 days. He is meeting our needs.

Mike was given an ESV Study Bible (which I wanted for Christmas) from a friend at church... and he let me have it. So I'm starting to read the Introduction to Ephesians. This is the first study Bible I've ever had. And of course I will share it with him... I'm just excited to study the Bible in more depth. (Thank you Wayne! Mike and I are excited to read it!)

Today, God brought me a friend who came by with a book... and a blessing inside- thank you Tambra!

I was feeling lonely yesterday and falling into self-pity and I just kept praying for God to change my heart and my attitude. And I got a good dose of truth from Mike: How blessed I am to have the people who have been helping me. And how being stuck sitting and laying around can make you feel low. And how I should focus on others and not myself.

I hate being needy. Especially because I feel like we're perpetually in a place of need. What about other people? I know other people are hurting and suffering. I tend to get caught up in the drama of my life and I need to stop and to look around and see how others need help and care. Okay, there's not much I can do physically but I can write encouragement or e-mail or PRAY for others.

I'm also knitting.

There. That's what's going on. The pain is getting much, much more bearable. I see the orthopedic guy tomorrow.

so hm, laughing more and letting go of that which isn't important. Yep, that's it.

While I was working on this post Samuel and I did photo booth on my laptop. So you could see his face. Looks a little more dramatic in person.


Les said…
Glad you are feeling encouraged Jennifer... praying for you guys and hope things go well with the foot doctor.

I thought these posts from a mom in a time of struggle might be encouraging for you: http://www.mycharmingkids.net/search/label/trusting%20God%20with%20MckMuffin%27s%20heart%20condition%20after%20my%20hospital%20stay
Anonymous said…
How did I miss these pictures?? They are so cute of our sweet Samuel. Loving, busy boy. What a testimony he will have, too.

Kisses for Samuel........

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