Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Books I love.

Okay I think I picked up this book at least 6 times or so at Barnes & Noble and looked at every single page. And drooled and was inspired. Thankfully I had an amazon gift certificate and was able to purchase this and the creative family... and get free shipping. Did I score or what? I love the ideas in this book and it's helped me to stretch and think outside the box.

I'm well over halfway through this book. I don't really know what Amanda believes in terms of God/Theology but I love her desire to be with her kids and explore and be imaginative together. I'm really enjoying the book and am looking forward to applying some of her ideas but in my own way and for my family. Looking forward to showing some results of this book... when things settle down. ha ha.

Oh what sweet relief. I need to be reminded that I don't need to be perfect. God is perfect. I am not. This book has brought deep encouragement to my soul and a healthy reality check and reminder that I need to STOP striving!

Let me give you an excerpt.

"Perfectionism wears many faces, includes all personality styles and cuts across cultural lines. It doesn't always line up canned goods in alphabetical order on the kitchen shelf, wash a car in freezing weather, shine shoes when they don't need it, refuse to leave the house if one hair is out of place, or insist that a report be edited endlessly. Perfectionism is more subtle thatn that. It has to do with unreasonable expections-how we belittle ourselves and others for having human (we translate that word as 'weak') thoughts and emotions, inconsistenet faith or less-than-excellent plans, accomplishments, families, bodies or dreams.

The problem is that when we try too hard to make it just right, eventually we get bone tired-and then we become candidates for physical, mental, emotional, social and/or spiritual burnout. Perfectionism and increased anxiety are kissing cousins. When in active mode, the cousins tend to alienate others with their overworking, overdoing, over-caring, over-giving and trying-too-hard behavior. It's ironic. In the push to have and be the best, we often fail to enjoy life, God and others.

The Relief of Imperfection is for women who try to do everything, anything or at least something perfectly in order to make sure their lives turn out the way they should. It's for the many caring women (me included) who believe-at least at some level- that it is possible to accomplish textbook-perfect emotional responses if we just do life right. This books offers hopeful relief for those of us who attempt to be more than excellent in our marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, church or ccommunity involvements and spirituality."

This book is to dangerous for the common person. my father purchased this book for me. It's a book to help me break out of the bounds of myself and just write. Not let myself get bent in knots trying to "do it right". (See previous book). It's also not just about writing but about living. About a third through and am loving it. Thanks Dad for the book!


Caren said...

Hey Jen, can you email me your snail mail address? Thanks!

Bethany said...

I am gonna have to get that third book you have. What is the first one like/about.

I have the creative family. I don't think she is a Christian from reading through the whole book and her blog but she is a great creative mom and that is what the book is about.