Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bad to the bone.

So. What is going on in these pictures. I am showing you my latest development actually. I managed to fall into a hole and injure my foot. Actually one of my tendons snapped off a piece of bone in my ankle. So voila. I now have a splint and will be seeing an orthopedic doctor (you know foot doctor). I am trying to figure out how to use crutches... and also wondering how in the world I'm going to take care of the kids. Yes, these things are real challenges.

just when I figured things couldn't get much worse...


Anonymous said...

goodness gracious, Jennifer, is there any trial you haven't had to go through? If I could attempt to encourage you, when I read Proverbs 3:6--"in all your ways 'acknowledge' him and he will make your paths straight"--I am reminded that the hebrew word translated as 'acknowledge' here is yada (sp?), the same word that is used for knowing someone in the most intimate way. So, another way to understand/read this verse is that in all your ways 'know and be linked to the Lord in the most intimate way possible' and he will make your paths straight (even if there is an occasional pothole) [p.s. your husband will know quite a bit more about Hebrew than I do, so he can verify/revise/deny the veracity of my claim here]. I don't know why that came to mind, but when we reach what we see as the end of our rope, if we 'know' the Lord in the most unifying and intimate way he will still make our paths straight. hope this encourages you in some way. and heal quickly--my prayers are with you in all fronts.

Your brother,

Jennifer said...

Thanks John for your encouragement. If there is anything I have gained from all the trials/struggles/pains/etc. is that I have experienced such a deep intimacy with God. He is ALL I have and ALL I cling to. He is my ALL in ALL. Look forward to seeing you at Christmas.

Your Sis,