A good day.

I've been feeding Ian with one hand and typing e-mails (hen-pecking) with the other. I'm carrying a child on one hip while unloading the dishwasher. Baking muffins while writing a to-do list. Cleaning the bathroom while taking a shower. Having my quiet time while in the rest-room. Folding laundry while talking on the phone. Rocking a baby in their car-seat with one foot while reading a book. It's all about multi-tasking.

But I love the days where I just let myself free flow. It's the days that are more like my writing style... random, loose, and definitely unstructured. I've never been a formal writer. Definitely casual. And the days where I'm casual I find that I can let the dishes pile in the sink. I can sit with Libby and stamp cards with her for an hour. I leave the blocks on the floor and instead snuggle my son while watching a Veggie Tales movie. I don't wipe down the high chair instead I check my e-mail. Hug a child. Or write some letters.

I love days like that.

Valentine's Day was the BEST one ever. I have had very bad luck, so to speak, when I attempt romance. Let me put it this way, my attempts almost always blow up in my face. But this particular Valentine's Day was wonderful. The day before Valentine's I came home with the kids to find a beautiful arrangement of flowers fixed in a red bowl on the counter along with a Valentine. He had picked the flowers himself from a garden and then arranged them. The next morning I fixed heart waffles for my family and served my beloved breakfast in bed. I then got to go have breakfast with a very dear friend (her treat) at Baker's Crust! We had a great conversation and enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast of eggs, cinnamon toast, maple sausage, and home-style potatoes. Did I mention the mocha... mmmm.

I then went to Target to pick up Michael's thrush medication. We discovered he had Thrush on Friday. I saw my favorite pharmacist Kristin and she was having a rough day so I went and picked up her favorite drink from the Starbucks cafe and brought it back to her. I then headed to Dollar Tree where I picked up balloons and a treat for each of the kids. I came home and Mike took Libby out on a special date. I made heart cupcakes in the meantime and went upstairs to fix up the bedroom.

My aunt stopped by with a Valentine gift of pop-corn containers (the red and white striped plastic kind) and some new stationary. I then brought all the boys and met up with Mike at our friends the Williams. We had a lunch of stramboli and chocolate, chocolate cake. We were celebrating Alexis and Samuel's birthday early (they're both on the 16th). My mom then took the kids to her house while Mike and I went out on a date. First to Starbucks and then to Michaels Arts and Crafts and then on to our favorite date night treat- the thrift store. I found a trench coat for Samuel for two bucks, a pair of gap jeans for Libby for $3. A cream and sugar dish (from Crate & Barrel) for $2.50. a shirt and capris for Libby. And a new pair of purple high-heels... super fun.

We went home and enjoyed some Chinese take-out. We then went and picked up the twins from my parents and came home and watched a movie and had a romantic and relaxing evening. I couldn't have planned the day better myself. What was so fun was how little I expected from the day and then how fun it was when things just kept falling into place. We didn't spend hardly any money but had a great day of being together and loving our kids. It was a blast.

Our previous Valentine's Days have been spent sick, with throwing up kids, burnt arm (second degree burns), and other poorly attempted tries at romance. So it was nice to have a change. And this is to also remind you that we do end up having good days now and again :)

So what a blessing to be reminded that there are days that are not only okay, but good. And times where things do seem to go right. I'm so blessed to have a husband and children. Food and shelter. Friendship and laughter. Rainbows in the midst of storms. God's kindness never ceasing. His mercy always overshadowing my deepest needs.


Les said…
What a great day! Did Mike tell you we all were at the dentist yesterday- small world!
Jennifer said…
Yes, he did. Did you hear Libby screaming from where you were. Yikes! She has to get a filling in a few weeks. They're going to strap her down and give her laughing gas. How pleasant....



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