Friday, February 06, 2009

The kind of mom...

What kind of a mom am I?

The kind that has cheerios on her shirts, socks, and occasionally in undergarments.
The kind that has to give medication several times a day to several different children.
The kind that doesn't get good sleep.
The kind that does Pilates while being attacked by dinosaurs and training while trying to hold abdominal stretches.
The kind whose phone hasn't worked properly for 3 months....
The kind who hadn't showered in 6 days.
The kind that makes heart waffles at least twice a week.
The kind that alternately loves and hates K-love. Can John and Sherry really be that cheerful in real life?
The kind that just recently has lost a total of 6 pounds after 5 weeks...
The kind that has 30+ appointments this month (therapist/specialist/doctor)
The kind that cries at least once a day.
The kind that lets her kids color/draw/paint a minimum of five times a week.
The kind that has to take her kids to the pulmanologist ,GI, cardiologist, neurologist, behavioral audiologist, ophthalmologist, geneticist, endocrinologist, pediatric surgeon, cranial specialist, dentist, and interacts with early intervention as well as special schools for children with delays... and did I mention outpatient speech therapists & OT's?
The kind that creates as therapy.
The kind that loves burning candles.
The kind that drinks a lot of water.
The kind that realizes she's weak, helpless, and unable without Jesus Christ.

So yeah. Sometimes life is really hard. Frustrating. Difficult. Challenging. Spending my days crying out to Jesus and others for help. Desperately trying to organize life. Trying to figure out when my kids are teething or when they have double-ear infections. Trying to get records transferred from specialists and hospitals to other specialists and hospitals and pediatricians. Broken. Sad. Hurting. Happy. Low. Smiling. Laughing. Crying. Snuggling. Sloppy. Clean. Dirty. Busy. Exhausted.

Pendulum swings. Jesus remains. Steady. Available. Real. Always Faithful, Loving, True. My hope. My joy. My All in all.


Anonymous said...

Love you. Thanks for sharing.


Kelsey Justine

mindi said...

You are an amazing woman of GOD. I love you, speaking from one mess to another, thankfully friend... we are His beautiful mess. Messy to some... perfect creations to the ones that matter.


Michelle said...

I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn,
Let us know an appointment that we can babysit for! You're amazing... xo -emily grace