On Rats, Starbucks & help wanted.

My husband is amazing. Do you know that he can kill rats?! He can. He had an epic battle recently that I'm not going to relay in full detail but you just need to know... he's pretty awesome... and can kill rats. We've had too much exposure recently to the "rat race" so to speak. They've made themselves too much at home here in our home. I've dealt with mice before but rats are taking me to a whole new level. I keep having visions of Lady and the Tramp... you know the rat about to attack the baby in the crib. Not rattatouille... which is a cute Disney movie. But you tell me how cute it is when a rat runs across your living room floor in the midst of therapists being at the house.... gulp. Thankfully I haven't seen many... this was just the second time... and hopefully the last.

For those of you who know me you probably know I love coffee. Yes, it's true. Mostly espresso based beverages like mochas, lattes, and the occasional blended beverages. I have a particular affinity for Starbucks and a love for "Bean There" a local coffee shop that has the most amazing cinnamon buns ever! I was at coffee with my friend Mindi today and I was helping her learn how to knit. Well, I had brought my own tea and water but when I was getting ready to leave I decided I was going to actually purchase a beverage while also picking up some coffee for my beloved.

Needless to say, I was excited. I had decided upon a nice iced vanilla latte. I got to the car with the twins in tow and proceeded to put the twins in the van. And knocked my perfect, not-even-sipped latte to the ground... where the cup split open and the drink disappeared all over my shoes and under the stroller. Sad. I was so sad. I then decided that this was not the end. I drove to a drive-thru Starbucks and shared with them my sad plight. Well, guess what? They not only gave me another drink for free... but they upgraded my size. Wasn't that sweet?! Yes, Starbucks can help broken hearts. I say that jokingly but I mean it literally too.

I can't remember how many times I would go and sit at Starbucks after my sister died and just think and ponder and try to assess. I can't tell you how many free drinks I was given as I sat with my tissues and tears streaming down my face and my laptop or notebook as I spilled out my feelings on paper. So yes, Starbucks is therapy for me. Thankfully though I haven't been spending money there. I have been really good to not buy anything unless I have a gift card... which I did- thank you friend for the card! It's been a blessing! Normally I bring my own tea or chai packet and ask for hot water. Hey, I know I look cheap but I'm okay with that :)

I also want to put something out there to you all- I really am in need of help. Whether it be help with laundry, watching kids during appointments, dishes, organizing, helping plan or make phone calls, etc. Or just fellowship, talking and hanging out while maybe folding some clothes. I am realizing that I can't do it all and with all that I have going I could really use some extra hands and some extra hugs. I know everyone's busy and has very full plates... I don't want to assume or suppose.... but even if it meant once a month you coming by for an hour or two... I'd be most appreciative. I need a mental break too... a chance to get fresh air and walk around the block for a half an hour. Recently, I'm trying to work on getting the house more "manageable" and making it more conducive and efficient to our lifestyle. I could use some help with organizing. Things have been very intense and challenging lately. So anyway, I just thought I'd let my need be known. Feel free to call or e-mail me if you're interested. Or just send me an e-mail or card saying you love me and care... I could use it during this time. I'm dreading the next month but I know that God is with me and walking with me through it all, step by step, moment by moment.


Anonymous said…
Jennifer Leigh, thank you for asking for help.

That takes a lot of humility (and I know you're not looking for praise for it). I wish I could do more for you this season. It's difficult for me not to be able to just come over and fold wash with you...oh that California was closer! I will keep praying for you.

I am so grateful for your church body. I know they will lovingly respond to your request. I also know your friends outside of the church will lovingly respond to your request. God will provide help and encouragement in your time of need.

He is faithful.

Love you,

Caren said…
Jen, when Michelle gets back from her trip, I am supposed to come and visit her and meet a certain someone if everything is going well. When I come, I will let you know. I will come and help you. I wish I was closer. You are an amazing woman. God speaks so much to me through the words that you write. Be encouraged...you may feel down in the pits at times, but you touch peoples lives with your strength and your transparency. I love you, and I will let you know when I'm coming.
Abby said…
Hey Jen, I don't know if you remember me, but I was in Enrichment with Christopher and Libby. I am in Costa Rica at the moment, nannying for a missionary family with 4 small children (a 4 yr old boy, 2 yr old adopted twin girls, and a 1 yr old baby girl). I stumbled on your blog the other night (via Abbey Crabb's blog) and am incredibly encouraged by your honesty and your constant turning to Christ and painting yourself in the Gospel every new day. I wish I was closer and could help physically, but know I am praying for you.
-Abby Barr
wendy said…
I am thinking of you! What can I do from here? Love the Starbucks story...oh the small ways God loves on us.
AmyB said…
Starbucks is wonderful isn't it? I love you friend, you are in my prayers. I'll see what I can work out as far as coming to help -I'd love to.
Jennifer said…
Dear Abby,
Of course I remember you. I also follow your family through the Jeters. Thinking of you and praying as you nanny four very small children. I'm sure you can relate to my life a lot :)


anne said…
Starbucks is pretty great!
I SOOOO wish I lived closer. I would SO come over and help you girl!!!
I'm overwhelmed with my 3, so I cannot even imagine what craziness you feel some days.
E-mail me with your address will you?

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