6 years.

Mike and I just celebrated our 6th Anniversary yesterday. It's hard to believe we've been married that short. Most people would say married that long but I feel like we've crammed in a couple of decades in those six short years.

Time has passed. There's much that has happened and yet I am still in love. In fact I am more in love with Mike today than I was the day I said my vows.

Bachelor's Degree
4 Babies
7 Moves!
Master's Degree
Job Changes: teaching, barista at Starbucks, working at a book store, serving at Olive Garden, newspaper route, picture taking, building large garden structures, repairing furniture, hauling large things around :), teaching again....

Many losses. Many medical crisis', many sick children. Many failures. Many successes. A season of survival mode that hasn't stopped since March 2004... and through it all:

My husband has been faithful, gracious, generous, loving, loyal, compassionate, forgiving, forbearing, gentle, and strong.

(Honey, I know your failings as well. I know that you've made mistakes. BUT I want you to know that God has been faithful to us and has allowed us to become more one today than we've ever been. We're both growing and changing. God is making us more into His likeness. He is the one who is good! I love you BABE! You are a wonderful husband, my best friend, and my only lover.)

Happy Anniversary Love!


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
May your love grow, your hearts flow from the Love of God and your years be rich, full of wonder and Grace and that each day is seen as a Gift by God's Hand.

Anonymous said…
Thank you, Jen...we pray (and have) for the things that you express to continue. In fact, we can remember praying for them when Mike was a child, and to have them come to pass, in spite of many challenges, is so indicative of God's grace and preparation for your lives. We are so grateful for you, the babies, and of course, for our precious son, Mike.
Happy Anniversary, in anticipation of many, many more...
Robinsons said…
Happy Anniversary! We have the same one. Doug and I just celebrated 23 years together.
Rebekah said…
Happy Anniversary!!! Love you!

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