My grief.

My Grief- Written by me.

Sad. Slip. Falling into the shadow.
A scratchy blanket that does not bring warmth but leaves you raw. Itchy. Painful. Smothered.

Dreams leave you with the realization, Yes, they really are gone. You see them. You touch them. They are real.
Then you wake.

Sink. Sank. Sunk. Like Mud. Deeper. succumbing to the depths. Boots mired down.

Confusion. No explanation. Crisis. Tragedy. Bad words that don't make sense.

Loss. Overwhelming sorrow drown. drown. drown.

Know the truth. Taste the pain. Bitter on the tongue. Trials. Build. Perservere. Grow. change. Different.

God is good. He loves me so.
Hope. Jesus. Hold on. Never Let go.


Jessica Rockey said…
Bittersweet words friend. Bitter because they're too true and sweet because they give us a glimpse into your soul.
I actually thought of you yesterday. We all stop and remember those that we lost on September 11, 2001. Doesn't it seem like the same should happen for your dear Libby? Not that it would make your loss any easier, but it would just seem appropriate. Anyway... just my thoughts. Love you friend.
Melinda said…
have joy in the promise of seeing her again...oh how He loves us... He loves you friend. So do I!)
Anonymous said…
And so I wrote, "fill me Holy Spirit. Wipe my tears and be to me hope....and what I need this day and forever. Speak to me what I am to do and be. Help me to BE....and not to do. Anchor my soul in your word. Stabilize my times which are in your hands. Strengthen my limbs which are weak. Open my eyes which see dimly. Encourage my heart which is failing. Course love through my veins which are closing. Fill my mind with songs of praise which are delivering. Encompass my being with Your Presence which is liberating. Covered by Your love...I love you, Lord. Establish me in Your will,.... underneath me are Your everlasting arms, over me is your banner of love, behind me you are my rear guard and before me, I am being led of You. Submitted to Your kingdom authority, Your right to all that makes me up as a person because I have been purchased by Your blood, my life no longer my own....You are shaping me into a vessel fit for the Master's use....and being prepared for every good work by His redeeming love. "God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved. God will help her right early." Ps. 46:5 Restore....reclaim....revitalize....remember and exclaim. Yes, Lord!
Anonymous said…
My tears are running, Lord. Are you putting them in your bottle? Why, Lord?

Believe me when I say I love tender are my ways.

It seems like the path will never end, but I've counted all your days.

Not one will go by that I'm not there....So, in this fact....rejoice.

It is not in feeling but in fact that you must make your choice.

But, Lord, my heart really to me does matter

I am but"re divine and therein lies the cause....and all this clatter.

Help me up on your lap, PaPa Oh how I need to sit there....
To have you stroke my hair and face with eyes that surely love me...and I need that love that will truly overcome me.

So loved I go to face the day empowered by your kindness.... Knowing that I'm not alone and soon will say with gladness....

Home at last,.... with no pain or sorrow....why this helps me look to a new tomorrow.

Andrew Murray asked: Lord, "be my dwelling place where I can settle down, feel secure, and be content anywhere on earth....You are my blessed home where I can enter and be at rest even when all around and above is a sea of trouble".

First born granddaughter....I love you and share myself with you.

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