Binocular Boy.
There's Samuel.
2 of a kind.
Cut from the same cloth.
Ian. A quiet moment.
Life is better when you wear a backpack.
I love my children. Their creativity. Their joy. Their loud boisterous noise. They are so full of life. Michael was unfortunately napping during this particular photo shoot. My kids are wonderful, brilliant, intelligent, beautiful, loud, loving, crazy, joyful, & patient with their mother :)

Aren't these flowers gorgeous? I couldn't resist putting a picture of this in. My mother in love gave me these for my Anniversary. I love flowers!


Anonymous said…
for a while Caleb was going EVERYWHERE with a backpack =)
Anonymous said…
Smooches all around! Gosh, I wish I could squeeze them, read them stories, and make grand adventures with them in the back yard. *sigh*

They're getting so big...excited for the bday coming up. Any special requests? Needs?

So grateful for each of their lives. And you and Mike, of course. :)

My amazing idea (previously mentioned on my voicemail):

"I like NY in about you?"


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