Swept Away.

I find myself sweeping on a daily basis. And this pile is a symbol of my everyday pile. it will return tomorrow. I will sweep again. And it will be back.

Dreams of a hardwood floor vacuum dance in my head...


Michelle said…
I think you should take photos of your dirt pile every day. It could be an artistic commentary on your life. See how the components of it change, etc. :)
Anonymous said…
Especially with dust balls, it was suggested to me years ago that if they get big enough, they could be spray painted for an unusual design. Now with your sweeping designs, if the health department wouldn't interfere, the daily left over treasures could be put on a paper and held in place with spray glue. If an "artist" can throw paint in a fan and get his pictures, this might be a start of a successful cottage industry for you. I think Michelle had a good idea. Do you think "waste not, want not" could have come from this? Looks like there was some good recycle material there.

It's ok, don't tell anyone this is from Grandma XOXOXOXO

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