Life lately.

CAUTION: Do not be overwhelmed by reading this. Remember this is what I have to do, not you :) wink, wink.

Sick kids. Coughing. Breathing treatments. inhalers. Missing church.

Needing to make appts. with dentists, pulmonlogists, GI, neurologist, wheel-chair clinic, audiologist, service worker, opthamologist, GI clinic, inspection for suburban, oh and an appointment to BREATHE :)

Doctors every week.

Kids at school. Loving it.

Driving- taking kids to school, picking kids-up. Running errands. Grocery shopping. Gas for the car.

Dishes. Laundry. Diapers. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Clean a bathroom. Sweep the floor 3x daily.

Remember to eat lunch.

Spray-paint outdoor pots. Insert mums.

Spray paint purple wreath orange. Weed garden.

Buy children pumpkins. Decorate.

Fun things: replanting my pumpkin plants (grew them from seeds), spending time with my cousin Emily, helping my mom with teaching stuff, buying mums and a couple pansies, finishing the front walk-way, new welcome home flag, Michael improving in physical strength, teaching a friend to knit, comedy night tomorrow with my friend Debi, snuggles with Samuel on Monday, praying with my kids, not over-eating this week, finished reading 2 books, organized all the kids medical/school info. in separate binders, took kids to play at the indoor play place in the mall, took them to chick-fil-a to play, bought a make your hair shiny treatment at home (ON SALE), found clothes for kids at thrift store on WED. when clothes are half off! took Libby to breakfast for a date (first time in months-yay for coupons!), made some cards, cleaned my office desk, went on a walk with all 4 kids all around the property. My friend Debi brought me coffee from Starbucks!!!! Saw my friend Michelle who has been out of the country for many weeks. took 3 surveys that gave me a free: chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, card at Hallmark, drink at Starbucks. Lit a candle 3 days in a row. Had dinner ready every night. Made oatmeal raisin pecan chocolate chip cookies. made my own granola. Ate a salad everyday! Got a shark floor vacuum from my mother-in-law, thank you FAFA!Talked to several friends that live in other parts of the country. Received much needed prayer from 2 women group events. Financially blessed with money from dear friends.

Dress up- ballerina, princess, a posh lady, a ladybug.

Ian- getting into everything... pulling out plastic tupperware and cups and rice cookers, and salad spinners and measuring cups and putting sippy cups in the back of random cabinets.

Michael- taking out his medical port and draining his feed onto a bed, or carseat or highchair or carpet. Therapy- physical. Therapy-feeding. Play therapy. Crawling therapy. Standing therapy. Deep-pressure therapy.

Bathtimes. Wash. Re-wash. Overflow the water everywhere. Water on the floor. Water on me. Did i take a bath too? Oh and Samuel left the water running in the bathroom sink... aaaaagggh!

Melt-downs after a fun lunch at Chick-fil-A with grandmas. Ice-cream melting. Kids screaming. Chaos loosing.

Returns needing to be made. Bought the wrong item... thought I was grabbing the item next to it. Bought a sticker album that didn't contain any stickers. Bought glue that would not come out of the hole after the second use!!!

Packing snacks everyday. Reading report from school. Reminders of PTA, fall festivals, pancake breakfasts, etc. Save campbell soup labels, and farm fresh receipts, and educational box top thingies, and certain things to be recycled, etc.

Samuel made "Student of the Month." Not sure what it means but that's cool!

Mike working hard. Tired. Exhausted. On the go.
Not much time to communicate or be alone together.
Me: crying. tired. hormonal. AC is broken upstairs... HOT!

Libby: dancing, twirling, playing star fall on the computer, learning letters. Emotional when it's not perfect.

Libby and Samuel outside dancing in the rain... without telling me what they were going to do.

Samuel eating applesauce without throwing up!!!!

vacuum out van. vacuum out suburban.

Birthday planning for October. A mermaid party. demands for specific presents. certain cake, certain guests. An almost 5 year old who knows exactly what she wants.

Church: worship team, serving 7 years old class, Mike teaching the month of October a class on Intro. to biblical theology.

Keep priorities straight. Reorganize priorities. Eliminate the "extras".

And did I forget to mention? I'm writing a novel. Do you want to read a section????


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