Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt Linda!

One of my favorite memories is being told stories about me and my Aunt Linda. Whether it was her painting my toes at sleep-overs when I was just a wee thing or discovering prematurely the smurf sleeping bag she had purchased for my second birthday. Then there was the fact that I always said I was hungry when I was around my Aunt so she would feed me. My Mom finally told me to stop saying I was hungry. (She had just fed me.) So when I walked in and glanced around the room and spotted a bag of pretzels I quickly announced "I like salty things...." (keep in mind I was only 2 or 3...)

Now I am thankful for the adult friendship I share with my Aunt. She is a godly woman who is a wonderful mother and has a very dear, sensitive heart.

Thank you Aunt Linda for being my Aunt & for listening to me. I know I can always be honest with you even if if I'm ugly, real, and raw. I love you!


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