Peter is a chubby little butterball that is full of delight and smiles. He is the most placid child we have had by far. He loves to chill by playing with his feet and loves making raspberries and stuffing his toes in his mouth. He is sweet and brings great amusement to his four siblings. He is loved by all that seem to encounter him. I am so thankful that God has given us a child that is a little lower maintenance.

I finally feel like I've recovered from strep. Boy did that wipe me out. I had spots and stripes and all sorts of nastiness going on in the back of my throat. The antibiotics have helped clear things up and besides my throat being a little sore and being tired in general I feel I am definitely on the upswing.

Libby has an upcoming awards ceremony at school. In lieu of a kindergarten graduation they are having this ceremony and will sing a few songs. She's been practicing a lot at home, in particular this one song which is a re-make of "new york, new york" but it's about going to the first grade. Libby is getting better at writing and reading and is very good about getting her homework done.

Samuel has been pretty much himself for the most part. Less pain than typical :) One of his favorite things to do is go sleep up on the top bunk with Libby. He gets to hang out up there until it's time for his feed to be set up and then we transfer him back to the bottom bunk. This morning we were reading "Shiver Me Letters, A Pirate's ABC" and as we were cuddling I was rubbing his head and speaking in my best pirate voice and he looked up at me with his eyelashes growing back in and said, "I love you Mama" and my heart just melted again.

Ian has been, well, Ian. He's been saying some pretty funny things lately but of course I've forgotten to write them down. I think i need to hang a mini tape recorder around my neck and just record throughout the day the funny things they do and say. He has somehow once again managed to take apart some major things. Several times recently he has been found on top of the counter reaching into a cabinet pulling out candy. He was unwrapping hershey kisses and proceeding to eat some and also share some with his twin Michael. Oh yeah, they're sharing. He also loves to sneak gum if he can. This morning though was pretty sweet. "Papa, I will get you some juice." He runs to the fridge and brings back a cold bottle of Sunny D for Papa.

Michael has been getting better about communicating. He loves to sit on the potty (nothing happens) and is happy just sitting on the big seat. He likes to wash his hands and he loves anything to do with cords, like wrapping and unwrapping the vacuum cord and checking out our cell phone chargers. He also loves to clean. Give that boy a broom or a clorox wipe and he just goes to town.

Mike and I have been trying to plan this summer and fall. We're trying to work through the rest of the chemo treatments and also figure out how we'll go back to "normal" life whatever that means... We're going to have a major adjustment trying to determine what's next.

Thank you for your prayers, your support and care. Please continue to pray that God gives us wisdom in how to care, serve, and love our family and meet their individual needs.


Kelsey said…
Love you. Praying. xoxo

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