Things I like Thursday.

So I had been thinking recently about posting some of my favorite things (enter Maria from the Sound of Music) just for kicks. I was thinking about calling it Things I Love Thursdays but I felt like "love" can get so overused and I am trying to apply the word love more to people than just things. I often catch myself saying, "Oh I just love ________" (fill in whatever: coffee, chocolate, Weight Watchers, Zumba, writing) and then turning around and telling my kids or husband that I love them. I don't want to cheapen the word...Don't know if that makes sense or not. Hence, things i like...

I remember being teased that I was a walking commercial. When I really like something I tend to get behind it. I tell other people... including strangers. I am not shy about saying things that I like, that work well, are useful, genius, pretty, etc.

So, let's get started. BTW- this isn't being done in order of importance... a greater to lesser or lesser to greater format. It's completely random although I did decide to number it is as I go.

#1 Kleenex.

Who doesn't enjoy tissues... Well, maybe you don't if you have no need for them, but I do. I have lots of little noses to wipe. I savor the soft feel of Kleenex especially if it has added aloe or lotion. Mmmm. So nice. But I must confess something.... it's more than just the tissues... it's the box. I really, really like fun decorated boxes. Whether it's the velvet snowman boxes at Christmastime or little chicks at Easter... and right now, the "summer-ish" boxes that look like watermelon slices or oranges, and other citrus.

I like it when the box matches room themes or colors. I have this fun swirly pattern of blue, gray, and white that matches my bedspread and colors in my room. And although I really like the Kleenex brand of tissues I usually go with whatever's the best price and the cutest box and isn't going to chafe the nose. There I confessed. I do like the biggest bang for my buck but I also try to go for the best overall value.

Things I use tissues for:

-wiping my nose
-wiping my children's noses
-to help cover a cough, a sneeze or anything that an unexpected sneeze produces
-wiping up some weird goop off the floor
-getting the excess glue off a craft project
-removing the extra make-up that was applied to my face because my child ran into me... when I'm applying mascara
-for weddings and funerals and Sundays at church... and any other place that might make me cry
-a package in the diaper bag, a package in my purse, a package to keep on hand for if a friend needs it.
-In the car, I never know what kind of mess I will be cleaning up. What kind of dirty and or sticky little faces I will be wiping. Or where I will find chewy chocolate chip granola bars adhered to the car seat.
-last but not least, for if I run out of toilet paper (this is especially important for if you're NOT at home... like being stuck in a bathroom stall at a grocery store and not realizing that THAT stall did not have toilet paper and you have five children in the bathroom with you and one of them is asking you if you're going to go poo-poo and another is yelling "Yucky" and you just drank a gallon of water and need to go #1 really bad.... hypothetically speaking, of course)


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